Fiber Promotions

ESTech the Gig

1000/1000 Mbps

 $130.00         $110.00

Brilliantly fast for dozens of devices, multiple people and EVERYTHING you want to do on the internet.

ESTech Pro Pack

500/500 Mbps

 $100.00       $90.00

Ideal for big families, online game streaming, working from home and major entertainment.

ESTech Smart Family

150/150 Mbps

 $85.00     $75.00 

Great for multiple devices, remote learning, streaming and gaming.

ESTech Simple Streamer

75/75 Mbps


Stream on multiple TV’s in brilliant HD, surf, shop and social.

ESTech Basic Budget

30/30 Mbps


A great start for simple surfing, social and a few devices.

Fiber Internet Promo

Experience ESTech Fiber

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We offer Truly Unlimited Data, your speed won’t slow down!

ESTech has no hidden fees or additional charges!

For a limited time we are offering $10.00 off of ESTech Smart Family & ESTech Pro Pack fiber speed packages for the next 6 months or even better take $20.00 off the ESTech GIG speed package for the next 6 months!

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