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#1 Internet Service Provider in Bennett, Colorado

Eastern Slope Technologies provides fast, reliable, and unlimited Internet in the Bennett Colorado area.

What makes us stand out from the competition? At Eastern Slope Technologies we provide fiber internet to the home in Bennett, Colorado. This allows us to provide low-cost and extremely fast Internet speeds that our customers love.

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Get Internet Speed up to 1 Gig in Bennett, Colorado

As an Internet Service Provider, we know the landscape changes quickly and the need for more bandwidth increases daily. Get fast fiber Internet in Bennett, Colorado today.

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New Areas of Internet Service In Bennett

  • NSky View Subdivision

Our Internet Benefits

  • NInternet Speed up to 1 Gig
  • NNo Data Caps
  • NESTech Premium Wi-Fi
  • NESTech Command IQ™️
  • NGreat Customer Service

Additional Services Offered In Bennett

Ask about our additional features!

What’s great about ESTech Internet? Not only do we provide the fastest fiber speeds, but there are also additional opportunities to up your Wi-Fi game! With Premium Wi-Fi and the Command IQ app, you will be equipped with the latest, greatest technologies that will streamline your Internet experience. 

ESTech Premium Wi-Fi

From your front porch, to your home office, to your grill, ESTech has premium Wi-Fi that makes it possible for you to enjoy your reliable, secure and super-fast ESTech Internet connection everywhere in your home.

ESTech Command IQ™️

Wi-Fi control at your fingertips for the ultimate Internet home Wi-Fi experience.

It’s peace of mind and reliability delivered, right to your hand.

It’s Wi-Fi Protection for the Family.

Through the Command IQ app, Parental Controls let you manage your child’s screen time, the content they are searching, and the sites they can access.

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