Local Telephone Service

Eastern Slope provides quality telephone services to the towns of Hugo, Arriba, Bennett, Eads, Flagler, Genoa, Haswell, Karval, Kit Carson, and Woodrow. As a member of the Eastern Slope cooperative, you are also an owner in which capital credits are accrued with each service you subscribe to. Services include telephone, high-speed broadband internet, and Skitter TV. See our capital credits tab for more information or call the business office.

Eastern Slope Basic Services

Residential Service-Single Party
Business Service-Single Party

*Plus applicable taxes and fees.

Federal Subscriber Line Charge
$6.50 - $9.20/mo (per line)
Directory Assistance
Emergency 911 Service

-A one-time line activation fee does apply for new members, to be paid at time of services.

Eastern Slope Long Distance Service

Long Distance is available for the rate of $ .11/minute with NO monthly fee. You only pay for minutes that are used.

Colorado No Call List

National Do Not Call Registry

Additional Call Features

• Caller ID Block
• Caller ID Block Per Call (*67)
• Voice Mail
• Toll Restriction 900 only
• Toll Restriction International
• Toll Restriction All
• Toll Restriction 1+ only
• Three Way Calling
• Automatic Recall *69
• Customer Originated Trace
$1.00 per call†
• Long Speed Calling
• Short Speed Calling
• Message Waiting Indicator
• Warm Line

† Instructions for these features are listed in the front of the Eastern Colorado Regional Directory OR in our pdf that lists services offered by Eastern Slope.

Additional Services:

  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Selective Distinctive Ringing
  • *Basic services are offered to all consumers in Eastern Slope's service territories at the rates, terms, and conditions specified in the company's tariffs.